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how to write the perfect linkedin headline

Free E-Book: How To Write The Perfect Linkedin Headline

A comprehensive guide to writing a LinkedIn headline that speaks to your professional brand (and hiring managers)!

How to Make Your LinkedIn Posts Private

By Noelle | July 19, 2022

Even though LinkedIn has been around for a while and boasts the largest online professional network, I still frequently encounter professionals who are skeptical of the platform. Many seem to …


Why I Don’t Recommend the LinkedIn “Open to Work” Feature

By Noelle | May 11, 2021

LinkedIn is always launching new features to assist professionals in the job search. LinkedIn’s newest feature is the “Open to Work” green profile picture frame that you’ve been seeing all …


The Top Job Search Profile Settings on Linkedin – MUST DO in 2021

By Noelle | March 16, 2020

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job seekers when used correctly. LinkedIn is continually updating its settings and functions to be super user-friendly and effective. If you are in the …

How to Find High-Value Networking Contacts on LinkedIn

By Noelle | March 10, 2020

The online job search has an extremely low success rate. So how do you get into your dream company without applying online? A networking-based approach is the solution for uncovering …


Is Linkedin Premium Worth It?

By Noelle | June 3, 2019

Linkedin is an invaluable resource for job searchers, career-minded professionals, and general networking but is paying for Linkedin Premium worth it? In this post, we’ll analyze whether or not Linkedin …


Join These LinkedIn Groups to Find More Recruiters

By Noelle | August 17, 2016

Updated: January 2021 Recruiter networking strategy is a critical part of a robust job search. The best way to find recruiters is by searching LinkedIn. But did you know there …

21 Linkedin Groups Every AmeriCorps Member Should Belong To

21 LinkedIn Networking Groups for AmeriCorps Members & Alumni

By Noelle | June 12, 2016

Updated: December 2020 Linkedin is probably the most valuable tool there is for the  job search. It provides a platform for networking and career path research. Being optimized on LinkedIn also creates …


The LinkedIn Profile that Landed an Interview in Just 48 Hours

By Noelle | March 10, 2016

Updated: January 2021 LinkedIn is no longer an optional part of job searching or career development. If you are a working professional (or hoping to be one soon) you must …


How to Create a Custom LinkedIn Profile URL

By Alex Van Egas | February 24, 2016

One of the most beneficial parts of having a LinkedIn profile is the custom URL – also know as the “vanity URL.” The custom LinkedIn URL is a valuable branding …

Why Typos are Killing Your Career (And My Favorite Tool for Avoiding Them) 6

My Favorite Resume Typo Checker

By Noelle | February 23, 2016

Updated: December 2020 Written messages comprise the majority of career conversations via emails, LinkedIn messages, and resumes. The easiest way to ruin a first impression is by missing a typo in your …


Why Your LinkedIn Summary is Critical for Landing a Job

By Noelle | November 9, 2015

The LinkedIn Summary is an important LinkedIn profile part for both SEO and professional branding purposes. It is one of those profile parts that can result in valuable networking connections …


What Hiring Managers Look for on Your LinkedIn Profile

By Noelle | July 29, 2015

LinkedIn is the most powerful career management platform in existence. There are tons of benefits to being optimized on LinkedIn but the greatest benefit is being front and center on …