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How To Fix Your Broken Career Resolutions – 6 Simple Tips You Can Use Today

What happens when you just can’t seem to keep your job search resolutions from year to year?


Salary Negotiation: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

By Noelle | May 13, 2022

You’ve probably heard about the importance of negotiating your salary. But is it always advisable to negotiate or just in special circumstances? In this blog post we’ll share considerations for whether or not to negotiate salary, as well as tips for effective salary negotiation. Do you really have a shot at negotiating a higher salary? …


How to Rebuild Career Confidence to Re-enter the Workforce

By Noelle | September 28, 2021

Career re-entry is probably the toughest career move to make. It requires someone who hasn’t worked in a while to jump back into the job search, identify their most marketable current skills despite having a resume gap of greater than a year, and muster up the confidence to convince others their skills haven’t gone stale …


Proven Strategies for Overcoming Career Roadblocks

By Jim Black | August 26, 2021

In Part 1 of my Career Exploration series, I share how to take stock of your current situation and do a deep dive into what’s really important for you in your career. If you are feeling like you can do better, or you are dreading going to work in the morning, or you’ve just lost …


How to Get Started Exploring All Your Career Options

By Jim Black | August 20, 2021

If you are like most people, you are fairly content in your career. You’re probably also really good at what you do. After all, you’ve probably been doing it for a long time! But have you ever asked yourself if what you’re doing in your job is really what you want to be doing? Maybe …


How to Land an Out of State Job

By Noelle | June 8, 2021

You’re hoping to relocate to a new state and find a new job before you arrive. But how can you convince recruiters and hiring managers to take a chance on someone who is not local? In this blog post we’ll share strategies for increasing your chances of landing an out of state job.  Starting the …


19 Best LinkedIn Groups for Nonprofit Professionals

By Noelle | April 13, 2021

Linkedin is one of the most valuable tools there is for the  job search. It provides a platform for networking and career path research amongst other high value features. One invaluable networking feature of the platform is LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are virtual networking rooms that put you in the right circles with like-minded industry professionals. LinkedIn …


The Best Job Search & Career Resources for 2022

By Noelle | April 13, 2021

This post was originally written in 2021 to feature the best career resources of 2021. It was updated: June 2022 to reflect the best career resources of 2022! A major part of any successful job search is knowing what tools and resources to leverage in order to land interviews and offers. Without the right career …


11 Simple Ageism Hacks for Your Resume & Job Search

By Noelle | June 1, 2020

Ageism is a very real challenge faced by 50+ job searchers everywhere. While age discrimination may add a layer of complexity to the job search, it is not impossible to overcome. In this blog post we will share tips for avoiding age discrimination in your resume, and a variety of solutions for overcoming ageism in …


How to Prepare for a Career Change During a Recession

By Victoria | May 19, 2020

The pandemic has created a new home-based workforce in which professionals now have more time to contemplate their career goals and aspirations. For many professionals, this contemplation will result in the decision to make a career change. However talk of recession has many career changers feeling stuck. In this blog post we will share the …

Job Search Strategies During a Pandemic

By Noelle | March 16, 2020

The coronavirus also known as Covid-19 continues to spread globally and throughout the U.S. The uncertainty that surrounds the virus has created a cautious and even standstill hiring environment. More and more companies are moving their workforce remote, with some companies even closing their doors as a precaution. The future of the economy and after-effects of …


Pros and Cons for Quitting Your Job Without Another One Lined Up

By Noelle | November 18, 2019

You’ve hit your limit in your job. It’s completely sucking the life out of you and you know it’s time to quit. However you don’t have another job lined up. Should you still quit? There are pros and cons to quitting a job without another one lined up. In this blog post we will break …


Is Linkedin Premium Worth It?

By Noelle | June 3, 2019

Linkedin is an invaluable resource for job searchers, career-minded professionals, and general networking but is paying for Linkedin Premium worth it? In this post, we’ll analyze whether or not Linkedin premium is worth the investment, what features are included in the paid upgrade, and whether or not your premium account makes a difference to hiring …