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How to Boost Your Linkedin®  Profile in Search Results

How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile in Search Results Using SEO Strategy

By Noelle | May 14, 2015

Updated: April, 2021 LinkedIn is one of the most powerful job search tools you can use for landing a job. However you have to know how to use it in order for it to be effective in your job search. Since LinkedIn uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to deliver search results to the searcher, LinkedIn …


How to Achieve All-Star-Status on LinkedIn

By Noelle | May 7, 2015

Updated: November 23, 2020 LinkedIn is a great networking tool for job searchers hoping to quickly find and land a job. However, you must have an optimized LinkedIn profile to produce the most optimum networking results. LinkedIn rewards users who reach all-star status by ensuring they appear in more searches. Therefore it is critical to achieve all-star profile …


9 Linkedin Hacks to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Job

By Noelle | January 29, 2015

Updated: August 2020 LinkedIn  is a critical platform for career management. When used properly it can even produce incredible life-changing job opportunities in your sleep! Therefore you will want to make sure your LinkedIn profile is working for you in an optimal way. In this blog post we will share simple LinkedIn hacks for leveraging your professional …


7 Professional Branding Hacks that Don’t Require Writing Skills

By Noelle | January 22, 2015

Updated: August 2020 Projecting the right brand for your target industry and role is essential for being found by employers and hired. However it’s an area of the job search where people tend to struggle the most. In addition to writing your own branding statements, there are other simple strategies that will ensure your brand is working …

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How to Create and Communicate Your Professional Brand

By Noelle | January 15, 2015

Updated: February 2021 Branding is an important part of finding and landing a new job. Your professional brand helps hiring managers and recruiters understand fit potential for their job openings. Your brand also provides insight into whether or not you are a cultural fit for the organization. Without a strong brand, you will experience difficulty …


Leverage Your LinkedIn Photo to Attract More Job Leads

By Noelle | January 13, 2015

Updated: August 2020 Online professional branding has become a critical part of career management and job searching. Without an optimized online presence you are doomed to be unreachable, unfound, and miss out on great opportunities. In this blog post we will share the importance of your LinkedIn profile photo in attracting employers, why it matters, and how …


Is LinkedIn Good for Your Career?

By Noelle | April 14, 2014

Last Updated June, 2019 LinkedIn is a platform designed to help professionals with career management. With over 600 million users, LinkedIn is also a hunting ground for recruiters and hiring managers. There are many benefits to being on LinkedIn yet some professionals still resist joining. In this blog post we’ll discuss why LinkedIn is different …