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Why Your LinkedIn Summary is Critical for Landing a Job

By Noelle | November 9, 2015

The LinkedIn Summary is an important LinkedIn profile part for both SEO and professional branding purposes. It is one of those profile parts that can result in valuable networking connections as well as attract hiring manager interest. Yet it is the one profile part where people struggle to optimize to the fullest. In this blog …


What Hiring Managers Look for on Your LinkedIn Profile

By Noelle | July 29, 2015

LinkedIn is the most powerful career management platform in existence. There are tons of benefits to being optimized on LinkedIn but the greatest benefit is being front and center on the venue most-visited by hiring managers hoping to find their next hire. So how can you make your profile as appealing as possible to the …


How to Ask For (And Get) a Killer LinkedIn Recommendation

By Noelle | July 22, 2015

There’s no greater feeling in the workplace than receiving recognition and praise for a job well done, especially when that praise is coming from your manager or senior leadership. A few words can make those late nights and early mornings seem completely worth it. While you may be tempted to bask in the temporary praise …


How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Headline

By Noelle | July 17, 2015

LinkedIn profile optimization is a critical part of job search strategy. But did you know that there is one profile part that is more important than all the rest? It’s true, not all LinkedIn profile parts are created equal. The LinkedIn headline is one of the most important profile parts. If you aren’t getting it …

8 Ways to Accelerate Your Job Search on Linkedin

8 Ways to Accelerate Your Job Search on LinkedIn

By Noelle | July 1, 2015

Updated: March 2021 If you’re like the average Linkedin user, you have a profile and pop in from time to time to consume content, check on your connections or search for jobs.  If you’re similar to the average LinkedIn user you’re also not yielding a whole lot of results and wondering why.  Sound like you? …

Why Your Linkedin Job Search Strategy is an Epic Failure

Why Your Linkedin Job Search Strategy is an Epic Failure

By Noelle | June 24, 2015

Updated: March, 2021 If you’re like most career-focused professionals, you have a LinkedIn profile to compliment your resume and cover letter. You may even think your LinkedIn profile is actually pretty good. However, don’t be fooled by the bells and whistles of this career platform. Just having a LinkedIn profile is not enough when you consider …


Is Your Linkedin Profile Working for You?

By Noelle | June 23, 2015

Updated: February 2021 LinkedIn is a critical piece of job search and career management strategy. If you have a LinkedIn profile you know how easy it is to set up an account and be present. But do you ever wonder if merely having a profile is enough? How can you be confident your LinkedIn profile …


10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for a Career Change

By Noelle | May 28, 2015

Career changes can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have the necessary experience to make a seamless move. Add LinkedIn to the mix and career change can be even more daunting. How can you prove your fit on LinkedIn and make others believe you are capable of making the change? LinkedIn is a powerful branding …


9 Simple SEO Hacks to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Searchable

By Noelle | May 21, 2015

Updated: March 2021 Being searchable on LinkedIn is key for making sure your profile is attracting employers and networking contacts. Because LinkedIn is a search engine, you can become more searchable by leveraging SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy. In this post I’ll share 9 simple SEO hacks you can use to make your LinkedIn profile …