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6 Steps For Breaking Out Of A Job Hunt Rut

Before you continue your job search, you’ll want to know everything there is to identifying and getting around the job hunt rut.


10 Things You Should Avoid When Applying For A Job Online

Here are 10 mistakes you should avoid at all costs when applying for a job online.


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Every Job Seeker Makes

This E-Book goes over 5 mistakes you might be making in your job search.

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How to Create and Communicate Your Professional Brand

By Noelle | January 15, 2015

Branding is an important part of finding and landing a new job. Your professional brand helps hiring managers and recruiters understand fit potential for their job openings. Your brand also …

Leverage Your LinkedIn Photo to Attract More Job Leads

By Noelle | January 13, 2015

Online professional branding has become a critical part of career management and job searching. Without an optimized online presence you are doomed to be unreachable, unfound, and miss out on great opportunities. …


10 Non-Negotiables for Making a Successful Career Change

By Noelle | December 29, 2014

Updated: August 2022 The job search can be intimidating if you are hoping to transition to a new career path. In fact a career change is one of the toughest …


The 8-Step Plan for Supercharging Your Job Search

By Noelle | December 22, 2014

Updated: August 2022 Reviving a dead job search is critical for staying in control of your career. Yet many professionals become reactive to their environment once they enter the job search …

32 Skills and Traits that Make Veterans Great Employees

By Noelle | November 11, 2014

Updated: November 2019 Veterans make great employees. This should be no surprise considering the selfless acts of service they’ve already performed. Imagine this kind of dedication in the workplace. In …


How to Use the Holidays for Your Job Search

By Noelle | November 1, 2014

Updated: December 2020 Timing is everything when it comes to the job search. Even if you’re the perfect candidate for the job, you’re bound to experience the effects of bad …

Keyword Strategies Online Job Search NG Career Strategy

Find More Jobs: 6 Online Job Search Strategies to Produce Better Search Results

By Noelle | October 2, 2014

Last Updated: June, 2022 Keywords are an important part of landing a job. They are critical for attracting interest in your resume, Linkedin profile, and cover letter. They are also …

The Best Job Boards - NG Career Strategy

The Best Online Job Boards [Find More Jobs in Less Time]

By Noelle | August 1, 2014

Last Updated: June 2022 The online job search has become par for the course in terms of how we search for jobs. With thousands of job boards and other online …

The Summer Job Search – Actionable Tips to Take Advantage of Slow Hiring Seasons

By Noelle | July 2, 2014

Summer is synonymous with BBQ, sunshine, and good times for most people, including hiring managers.  However, if you’re in the job search and hoping to land a job by the end …

10 Strategies to Reboot Your Entry Level Job Search

By Noelle | June 18, 2014

Landing your first job out of college can be challenging. Companies want someone with experience, but you don’t have experience. For many new graduates, there’s uncertainty about where to start. …

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How to Contact the Best Recruiters for Your Job Search

By Noelle | May 7, 2014

Working effectively with recruiters is a critical part of job search strategy. Recruiters have the power to disclose unadvertised job postings as well as open doors into companies for the …