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You only get one chance to make a first impression. Here’s what you need to stand out from the crowd.

A resume tailored to the hiring manager’s hot buttons.
Relevant brand positioning, keywords and career path potential.
At least an 80% fit to the job description & requirements.
A personalized cover letter tailored to the job description.

Our Services

Each service includes careful analysis of the job description. Your expert will focus on all of the subtle indicators around fit, keywords, relevance and those hard-to-spot nuances that describe the company’s dream candidate.

Fit Finder

Should you apply or shouldn’t you? Are you under-qualified? Over-qualified? Sometimes it’s easier to translate Greek than a job description. That’s where our Fit-Finder comes in handy. Here’s what you can expect with this service:

  • Once your expert has reviewed the job description against your profile, you will receive a “Yay” or “Nay” including our reasons for each.
  • You’ll learn exactly where you’re off (or on) which will help refine your focus for future opportunities, making you a much smarter applicant.
  • After you know your “fit-ability” we invite you to sign up for tailoring services so you can ensure you are as close as possible to being the lucky candidate!
  • Expect a 1-3 day turnaround on all Fit Finder services.

Resume Tailoring

You want your resume and cover letter to reach the top of the stack but the thought of tailoring is less than desirable. You know that tailoring is the way to go but who has time for that? And where to begin? Time is of the essence and you don’t want to mess with tailoring, this is the service for you.

  • Your expert will pay particular attention to the top of your resume and key eye-scan areas such as the headline, summary, skills and career highlights.
  • You expert will also tailor your cover letter so that your application is cohesive and on-point!
  • Expect your application to be ready within 2-3 business days. We have a thing for delighting our clients so know that we will be working to get your application turned around as quickly as possible.
  • Once you’ve spent your tailor credits, simply re-enroll for more quality applications and reduce the amount of time spent in your job search!

Search Concierge

Feeling burnt out from the job search? You need the VIP treatment to kick your momentum into high gear. Sit back and relax while we weed through job descriptions, find your perfect fit and tailor your resume and cover letter!

  • Produce maximum results with minimal effort (we’re serious about this). Your expert will search for jobs and only deliver those that fall within your guidelines as per the intake process.
  • Expect a 2-way e-conversation to make sure we’re sending the right stuff your way. If you like what you see, we’ll keep on keepin’ on! If our search criteria needs a tweak, let us know and we’ll send a brand new batch!
  • Once you give your stamp of approval on a posting, we’ll start the resume and cover letter tailoring process!
  • Expect 2-5 job best-fit job postings per week. The number will depend on the job market, geographical limitations, etc. Even with 2 per week, that’s 8 quality job applications per month! Talk about increasing your chances to stand out!!
If you’ve received NG resume & cover letter services we invite you to sign up to continue receiving top-notch support from our dedicated career services team! We’re invested in seeing you succeed and can’t wait to celebrate your job offer! If you haven’t received a resume and cover letter overhaul, we invite you to sign up for our services asap. Since every detail plays into the 6-second resume scan this will be critical in creating hiring confidence in your overall brand. If you’ve had your resume crafted by another expert, well done! Email with your resume and target job description so we can see if you qualify for an exception to the rule!

– More Signs This is For You – 

Writing just isn’t your thing and you’re not sure how to grab the right keywords and other fancy resume bells & whistles.

You’re a busy person. Time is of the essence as you run from one thing to the next and your idea of job search is simply hitting “send.”
You’re stuck on the “fit” factor. Sure you can find a ton of job descriptions but knowing when you’re a fit is a challenge. Are you wasting your time by hitting send? Shooting too low? Too high? You need someone who knows you and where you fit!

How it Works

Once you sign up for tailoring or Fit-Finder services, we’ll assign your expert. Your expert will e-mail you within 48 hrs to request links to your resume and/or job descriptions. 

If you purchased the Search Concierge, your expert will start the search and deliver a new batch of jobs each week! If you purchased Fit-Finder, your expert will let you know if it’s worth your time to apply.

Sit back and relax while your expert tailors your existing resume and cover letter to each job description! Tailoring will address key resume areas such as headline, summary, skills and career highlights.

Receive the final tailored product within 3 business days. Hit “Apply Now” with confidence and repeat the process for your remaining services! *Tailoring only available to clients who have had a prior resume overhaul. Click here to get your overhaul now.

noelle gross career strategist

Noelle Gross
Career Strategy Expert
Former Retained Executive Recruiter

“Don’t make the #1 mistake of most applicants: sending generic applications. Hiring managers will always be more inclined to advance the tailored resume over the generic. If you’re relevant to the hiring manager’s needs, you’re in. If you’re not, you’re in the trash!”

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Services created exclusively for Noelle’s current and past clients!
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Annual Resume Update

$ 99.99

per resume
 Pursue the big promotion or engage those recruiters! Either way, you’ll be ready.
  • Strategic addition of your new experience to your resume
  • Tailored resume keyword, headline & summary tweaks

Tailor it Up!

The Perfect Fit x3

$ 599

per set of 3
 Feel confident knowing you’re an application triple-threat!
  • 3 Tailored Resumes
  • 3 Tailored Cover Letters
  • 3 Fit-Finder e-Consults

Perfect My Fit Now!

Search ConciergeBest Value

$ 899

per month
Allow us to do the heavy lifting. We’ll find your jobs and tailor your applications. All you have to do is hit “send!”
  • Expert e-consult to create your job wish-list
  • 2-5 best-fit jobs, hand-picked & delivered each week
  • 1 Tailored Resume for each job you approve (Max 3 per wk)
  • 1 Corresponding Cover Letter for each resume (Max 3 per wk)

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