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11 of the Most Common Cover Letter Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By Noelle | October 4, 2016

Writing a cover letter that captures hiring manager attention, is truly a science. Knowing what information to include as well as where and how is important. However it’s equally as important to know what NOT to do when writing your cover letter. In this blog post we’ll share the top 11 most common cover letter …


Cover Letter Example and Step by Step Writing Guide

By Noelle | September 28, 2016

Updated: January 2021 Having a great cover letter to complement your resume is a critical part of applying for jobs. If written correctly, it has the power to entice the hiring manager and position you as the best person for the job. Cover letters are also a great way to highlight important career information. This …


How to Write a Cover Letter Using the Latest Trends

By Becky Felix | September 23, 2016

Updated December 2020 The cover letter is an essential part of a strong job application but many job seekers fail to get it right. In this blog post I’ll share the latest tips and trends for creating an attractive cover letter. I’ll also share all of the necessary cover letter parts.   Is a cover …


How to Start a Workforce Reentry Job Search

By Becky Felix | July 25, 2016

Workforce re-entry can be very intimidating especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a while. To top it off, you know the job search has changed drastically since the last time you searched for work. In this blog post, we will share how to start your re-entry job search as well as tips …


How to Choose the Best Resume Format: Functional vs Chronological

By Becky Felix | July 18, 2016

Updated: December 2020 Your resume can make or break your chances of landing an interview. Therefore it’s important to get your resume right. There are 3 different types of resume formatting strategies. So how do you choose the right one for you? In this blog post we will explain the 3 most commonly used resume …

How to Turn Resume Gaps into Selling Points

By Noelle | June 21, 2016

Reentering the workforce after a long absence can prove challenging but it’s not impossible. Since employers are most interested in someone with fresh experience, who can do the job, one of the greatest challenges with career reentry will be to account for resume gaps. Try these tips for overcoming resume gaps and getting back into …


6 Simple Tips for Tackling Your Executive Resume Brand

By Noelle | June 6, 2016

Updated December 2020 Executive resume writing is more complex than just throwing your work history on a document. It requires achievement-focused branding strategy in order to stand out from the other job candidates. In this blog post we will explain how to improve your resume brand and generate more employer responses.  So you’re a business …

How to Write a Sales Resume That Sells 1

How to Write a Sales Resume That Sells

By Becky Felix | June 1, 2016

Updated: February 2021 Working in Sales is a great career path and one that can be quite competitive when it comes to the job search. If you’re in the sales industry and ready to move on to the next chapter in your career, having a resume that stands out above the competition is critical. In …

Don't Forget to Add These Skills to Your Administrative Assistant Resume

Don’t Forget to Add These Skills to Your Administrative Assistant Resume

By Noelle | May 2, 2016

Updated: December 2020 Administrative assistants are a critical part of keeping any busy office running smoothly. They know how to multi-task, direct large groups of people and juggle short-term and long-term plans and projects. Perhaps most importantly, they help businesses achieve one or a set of goals. With more than 4 million of them working in …


How to Write Your Career Accomplishments on Your Resume

By Geoffrey Edwards | March 21, 2016

Updated: January 2021 Communicating your career accomplishments on your resume is critical. The market for jobs is competitive so you have to use your accomplishments to stand out. In this blog post we will define accomplishments, explain how to create yours, and provide examples.  Figuring Out Career Accomplishments is a Common Challenge When working with …

Why Typos are Killing Your Career (And My Favorite Tool for Avoiding Them) 6

My Favorite Resume Typo Checker

By Noelle | February 23, 2016

Updated: December 2020 Written messages comprise the majority of career conversations via emails, LinkedIn messages, and resumes. The easiest way to ruin a first impression is by missing a typo in your communications. There’s one tool that will keep you typo-free for the rest of your career and it’s much better than Spell Check. In this blog …


What to Expect When Working With a Professional Resume Writer

By Becky Felix | February 8, 2016

Working with a professional resume writer is a great way to save yourself time and frustration when applying for jobs. If you’ve never hired a professional resume writer before you may have lots of questions. In this blog post we will explain what to expect when working with a professional resume writer and how to …