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Job Offer Negotiation – How To Get Paid What You Deserve

We’ll break down the offer in order for you to prepare to negotiate terms closer to your goals/objectives.


20 Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview

Asking great questions can turn the a hopeless interview around; conversely, asking bad questions can be a death sentence for what started as a great interaction.


What Is Your Salary Expectation? 8 Things You Need To Know About This Interview Question

Answering questions about salary may be low on your priority list, but it’s important to handle the conversation with confidence


How To Dress For A Job Interview

With something so important on the line, you don’t want your wardrobe to eliminate you before the interview starts.


7 Tips to Win Over Hiring Managers

By Geoffrey Edwards | March 14, 2016

Updated: January 2021 The job market is competitive. This means you need to stand out every chance you get but especially in front of the hiring manager. In this blog post we will share 7 ways to win over hiring managers so you can become the candidate that gets hired. “Why won’t someone just give …

5 Trick Job Interview Questions and Tactics Designed to Make You Fail (And How to Beat Them)

5 Types of Trick Job Interview Questions and Tactics for Answering Them

By Geoffrey Edwards | March 7, 2016

Updated: January 2021 Job interviews will naturally include lots of questions from the interviewer. But were you aware that some of those questions are trick questions? With the job market being as competitive as it is, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. In this blog post we will explain the 5 types of …

7 Signs it's Time to Hire a Job Interview Coach

7 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Job Interview Coach

By Noelle | December 21, 2015

Updated: December 2020 The job interview can be awkward, stressful and a huge stumbling block for anyone who hasn’t prepared both mentally and strategically for the various stages and encounters. Fortunately, there are resources available for getting past the interview and landing an offer. In this blog post we will share 7 key indicators that …

What is Your Salary Expectation?  [8 Things You Need to Know About this Interview Question]

What is Your Salary Expectation? [8 Rules for Answering this Interview Question]

By Noelle | November 3, 2015

“What is your salary expectation?”  It’s one of the most dreaded interview questions of all times probably because it blends the awkward conversation topic of money with the fear of asking for too much, too little or downright rejection in the worst case scenario. While answering questions about salary may be low on your priority list, it’s important …

10 Interview Tips: Turn a Failed Job Interview into a Job Offer

10 Interview Tips: Turn a Failed Job Interview into a Job Offer

By Noelle | September 14, 2015

It’s no secret that the journey from “job seeker” to “hired” is full of obstacles scattered along the way. For some it’s the resume and actually landing an interview that presents the greatest challenge. For others, landing interviews is easy. It’s acing the interview and landing the job offer that’s the tricky part. Interviewing regularly, …


Best Interview Resources on the Web

By Noelle | February 26, 2015

You know that interview preparation is critical for landing the offer. By now you have probably searched for every interview resource you can find. Since there is a ton of content online, it’s important to quickly identify the best and start preparing. This way you can spend more time getting in the zone and less …


How to Ace the Second Interview

By Noelle | February 12, 2015

Landing a second job interview is a huge accomplishment but it’s not time to celebrate yet. Now is the time to get focused on advancing to offer stage. While job interviews aren’t totally in your control, there are ways to increase your chances of acing the interview. In this post we will share what to expect, …


How to Mentally Prepare for an Interview

By Noelle | February 5, 2015

The job interview can be a high stress situation for even the most qualified candidate – but it doesn’t have to be. In addition to preparing your answers for potential interview questions, you will need mental preparation. Without mental preparation, you run the risk of getting in your head on the big day. This alone can sabotage …


How to Use the Holidays for Your Job Search

By Noelle | November 1, 2014

Updated: December 2020 Timing is everything when it comes to the job search. Even if you’re the perfect candidate for the job, you’re bound to experience the effects of bad timing during the holiday job search. In this post we’ll share all of the seasonality timing traps you need to be aware of, what to …


Watch Out for these Employer Red Flags in the Job Interview Process

By Noelle | October 31, 2014

Last Updated: June 20, 2019 There’s nothing worse than landing a job, only to realize on day one of the job, that accepting the offer was a big mistake. If you’ve been getting a funny feeling in your gut after interviewing, you’ll want to carefully consider your decision to sign the job offer letter. In …


Writing the Post-Job Interview “Thank You” Note – Everything You Need to Know

By Noelle | August 14, 2014

This post was updated June 2022 to include the most recent trends and best practices on the topic of writing job interview thank you notes. The interview thank you note is not dead. In fact when used correctly, it can speak volumes of your character AND position you as an ideal candidate for the job …


What to Do When You Don’t Hear Back After the Job Interview

By Noelle | May 14, 2014

It’s been a few weeks since your interview and you haven’t heard back. You’re not sure if you’ve been rejected or if you’re moving on. Perhaps the recruiter lost your number? Should you send another follow up email? Maybe a carrier pigeon? Regardless of what’s going on, you’re not sure why you’re not hearing back. …