The Ultimate Linkedin

Career Strategy Guide

The Ultimate Linkedin Career Strategy How To Guide

“Life is way too short to spend your
time figuring out social media platforms.
Here’s what you absolutely need to know for
Linkedin career success. Nothing more!”

Noelle Gross | Founder & CEO | NG Career Strategy

Here’s Everything You Need to Know

This guide is perfect for you if…

  • You have a Linkedin profile but aren’t sure if it’s working for you.

  • You’re hoping to change career paths and not sure how to rebrand yourself.

  • You don’t have a Linkedin profile and want to know best practices for setting one up.

  • You don’t fully understand which features are best for your specific goals.

  • You want to appear in the right searches & make the best contacts for you.

  • You are interested in investing minimum time and producing MAXIMUM results!

  • You’re an entrepreneur hoping to generate more visibility online.

  • The last time you touched your Linkedin profile was when you signed up.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

A Comprehensive 3-Course Linkedin Toolkit of Strategies to Swear By!

1. Profile Optimization

Linkedin Profile Optimization Online Course | NG Career Strategy
A “one and done” crash course on how to make your profile work for you (includes SEO tricks for appearing in your target searches).

2. Networking Strategy

Best-in-class virtual networking tips for finding, connecting, and building relationships with key contacts for your career goals.

3. Professional Branding

My 3 Key Strategies for Rebranding YOU to stay top of mind with your network (great for career changers)!

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Omnichannel Merchandising Assistant

“I loved all of the information on how to get noticed on LinkedIn! I would have never figured all of this out on my own.  Prior to this, my LinkedIn knowledge came from sophomore year of college 4 years ago. The technology has changed a lot since then. Now, I feel confident that I will get noticed on LinkedIn by implementing Noelle’s strategies. The most significant improvements in my Linkedin strategy have been that of getting noticed, updating my profile & my job search.”

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Creative Director
San Francisco

“I can’t believe the amount of attention I’ve received after working with Noelle! By following her simple guidance I was able to greatly improve the amount of eyes on my online presence. After working together I really felt that I had a better grasp on the best way to communicate my strengths and professional history. The biggest benefit I received from Noelle was confidence that I was organized and ready. Before working with Noelle I really had no idea what aspects of my LinkedIn were keeping me from getting noticed. She helped me to remove the clutter and replace the fluff with a true story of my success. After working with Noelle I gained the insight and techniques needed to communicate with the right people.”

After Course Completion You’ll Know…

Linkedin Profile Optimization Online Course | NG Career Strategy
  • How You Rank in Linkedin Searches
  • Strategies for Ranking Higher
  • The Absolute Necessary Profile Parts 
  • Profile Writing that Appeals to Your Audience
  • The Truth About Endorsements & Recommendations
  • What Recruiters & Hiring Managers look for in a profile
  • The Importance of Keyword Strategy in Standing Out
  • Tools for Finding the Most Attractive Industry Keywords
  • Profile Tips for Career Changers
  • How to Devise an Effective Linkedin Networking Strategy
  • How to Use Key Features for Optimizing your Time on Linkedin
  • Short & Long Term Career Management & Job Search Strategies
  • How to Grow Your Network to Support Your Career Goals
  • Keyword Search Strategies
  • Personal & Impersonal Outreach Tips
  • How to Connect Without InMail (There are several ways)
  • How to Organize Your Network & Automate Your Outreach Initiatives
  • Etiquette for Connecting With High Value Contacts (& Getting Them to Help You)
  • The Importance of Branding in Career Strategy
  • How to Stay Top of Mind with Your Network (including 1 super easy trick)
  • 3 Ways to Become Credible in Your New Brand
  • 3 Ways to Market YOU
  • Tools for Continually Posting Interesting Content
  • How to Become an Industry Influencer
  • Key Insights for Reaching Your Network as the New You

Experience Bite-Sized Learning & Big Results

Getting Optimized on Linkedin is Easier Than You Think:

  • Each Video is Under 50 Minutes (So you can get optimized on your lunch break or commute)!

  • Videos incorporate pauses so you can work as you go for a truly “one and done” experience.

  • Concepts can be applied to other areas of your career management (resume, online job boards).

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Noelle Gross, Founder NG Career Strategy, Head Career Coach

About The Ultimate Linkedin Expert

Noelle Gross, Founder of is a career strategy and job search expert with a background in executive recruiting. Her mission is to make the job search easier and the job seeker happier. With the hiring entity on one end of the spectrum and the job seeker on the other, Noelle is the person who bridges the gap between the two. She is the creator of the Hunt to Happy System™, a common sense recruiter-born approach that simplifies the job search by removing its confusing & overwhelming components in order to help job seekers experience a painless job search with quicker results. In turn her clients are able to find happiness in the form of a new job. Noelle brings a shrewd headhunter prowess, fun-loving practical perspective and element of fresh to the career world.

“Within just 2 weeks of my Linkedin revamp, I was contacted by a recruiter for an interview.”

Ana Sampao co

Career Change from Food Industry to Fashion

Are you ready to get optimized on Linkedin?


Make the one change that will boost your career and job search to the next level. 

The Ultimate Profile Optimization Guide

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The Ultimate Linkedin Networking Guide

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1 video course
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Strategies for efficient network organization & engagement
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The Ultimate Linkedin Complete SystemBest Value

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