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100% of Recruiters Search Linkedin for Talent. Are You Appearing in Their Searches?

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Linkedin Rewrite

Thinking about reinventing your professional brand and attracting more of the right contacts? Perhaps you’ve set up your account but aren’t confident it’s optimized (aka working like a champ for you).  You guessed it.  This is a job for us.  Let us brand you online so that you are appearing in the right searches, attracting the best opportunities and maximizing your use of this powerful career platform.  You’ll Receive:
  • Full profile revision with emphasis on SEO-boosting content (so you appear in more searches).
  • Professional brand assessment
  • Profile tailoring to attract the right contacts and opportunities.
  • 20 Minute Phone Consultation with Your Expert to discuss your profile & career goals
  • Free Gift to Kickstart Your New Profile: Your choice of 1 of 3 of The Ultimate Linkedin online courses: Profile Optimization, Network Your Way to Career Success or The Ultimate Rebrand Strategy Guide ($89 value)


Yes! This is the one!

Linkedin & Resume Makeover

Meet the New You

You’re trying to reinvent yourself (aka career changer or Linkedin newbie) but there’s just no clear path from Rocket Scientist to Startup Tycoon.  You’ve come to the light and realized that Linkedin is the first place recruiters and hiring managers visit in search of top talent. You also know that without the right profile keywords or SEO optimization, you won’t appear in your professional industry keyword searches. You don’t want to get lost amongst the hundreds-of-thousands professionals in your industry! Finally, once those recruiters do find your new optimized Linkedin profile, you’ll need to be resume-ready in order to stand out from industry peers. Shazam! We’ve got you covered.
  • Total Resume Makeover
  • Linkedin Rebrand for your full profile including expert analysis and guidance around key parts & content
  • SEO & Keyword Optimization so the “new you” can be found by your target contacts.
  • 30 Minute Rebrand Strategy Session with the Expert
  • Free Gift to Kickstart Your New Profile: Your choice of 1 of 3 of The Ultimate Linkedin online courses: Profile Optimization, Network Your Way to Career Success or The Ultimate Rebrand Strategy Guide ($89 value)

(You’ll save $195 with this bundle)!

Yes! This is the one!

The Works

Meet the mother of all job applications!

This is by far our most popular and comprehensive writing service. The more the merrier is the name of this game.  You’ll receive everything you need to be extra sure you’ve optimized your chances of being hired. This can’t-be-beat branding package includes:
  • A Full Resume Makeover
  • Branded Cover Letter
  • Linkedin Profile Rewrite for Optimized Branding
  • 45 min Strategy Phone Consultation with Your Expert


(You’ll save $294 with this package)!

Yes! This is the one!

Why You Need Linkedin Strategy

You’re 1 in a million but without a robust, optimized Linkedin profile you’re doomed to get lost in a sea of competing candidates. The average industry keyword search produces candidates in the hundreds of thousands! If you have an incomplete profile or are lacking SEO and keyword strategy, your profile is not appearing at the top of most searches. (Yikes)! In the off chance that a recruiter does find your profile, you also have limited time to capture their attention (think 6-second resume scan).

How We Can Help

Our branding experts will create strategically written content customized to the most critical Linkedin profile parts. Our eye for SEO, pulling out your unique story and online branding, is guaranteed to make you shine! With your new and improved Linkedin profile, you can expect to appear in more searches, stand out amongst the thousands of industry peers & increase your chances of being contacted about relevant opportunities. This is one career strategy that is guaranteed to work around the clock!

Our Process

Get Started Today and Receive Your First Draft in 5 Business Days or Less!


1. Tell Us About You 

After purchasing a writing service, you’ll receive a link to our client intake form. Since we tailor your new brand to your career goals, we want to know what makes you tick, your biggest wins and your unique story so we can work our magic. We can’t start until we know you better so the writing won’t begin until your form is submitted.


2. Meet Your Expert

Once you submit the client intake form, we personally review your profile & handpick the best writer for you. Your writer will review everything and brainstorm your brand strategy. Expect an email from your writer within 48 business hours of intake form receipt to either schedule your phone consultation or to let you know we’ve started writing.


3. The Writing Begins

You can expect your first draft within 5 business days of initial contact. Your writer may contact you during the process to obtain more info (we have a thing about getting it exactly right) so please be sure to check your email and respond asap as the timeline is subject to your responsiveness. This will ensure you receive your final draft as soon as humanly possible.


4. Finished Product

It may take a few rounds of edits to brand you just right but when you’re absolutely happy with everything, you’ll receive the final version of your document(s). We’ll deliver your profile in a format that is copy-paste ready for your profile. We’ll also include a Linkedin guide to walk you through everything you need to know about your new profile and how to stay optimized! If you’ve purchased a resume and cover letter expect 3 additional business days per document.