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Breeze past the Applicant Tracking System and into the right hands.  Once in the right hands, your relevant experience will jump off the page!

Resume Refresh

Short, Sweet & Extremely Impactful!

Just like a spa day, this service is meant to breathe a whole lotta life into a stale resume lacking in wow-factor.  This service focuses on the parts of the resume intended to draw your reader in at first glance. With this option, you provide the resume, we provide the polished finish to give it the extra-umph that’s missing. You’ll receive:
  • A thorough content clean-up of summary (bullet revision not included)
  • SEO & Best-fit Keywords (top of resume only)
  • Basic Formatting of Overall Appearance
  • Overall Expert proofing for typos, grammar, and flow


Yes! This is the one!

Resume Makeover

The Full-On Fix

We’re talkin’ Brand Spankin’ New resume.  If you haven’t received a single callback and your bullets are putting you to sleep, consider this your wake up call. With this option you provide the resume you’ve been using and we’ll give it the VIP treatment. Just a word of warning, you may not recognize it when we’re finished (which is a good thing)! You’ll receive:
  • A thorough content clean-up of summary, bullets and everything in between.
  • SEO & Best-fit Keywords (full resume)
  • Full Formatting & Polish of Overall Appearance
  • 30 Minute Phone Consultation with Your Writer

Yes! This is the one!

The Works

Meet the mother of all job applications!

The more the merrier is the name of this game.  You’ll receive everything you need to be extra sure you’ve optimized your chances of being hired. This can’t be beat package includes:
  • The Resume Makeover
  • New Cover Letter
  • Linkedin Profile Rewrite for Optimized Branding
  • 45 min Strategy Phone Consultation with Your Expert


(You’ll save $294 with this package)!

Yes! This is the one!

The Works PLUS

When Just 1 Resume Won’t Do!

This package is for those times when your brand is in transition and you need to be presented a few different ways. This can’t-be-beat package includes:
  • The Resume Makeover Tailored to Your Target Job Description
  • Cover Letter Tailored to Your Target Job Description
  • Linkedin Profile Rewrite for Optimized Branding
  • 2nd Resume (Refresh) tailored to the 2nd brand you’re going for – must have a 2nd job description or clear idea of the 2nd industry/career path of choice
  • 45 min Strategy Phone Consultation & Tailoring 101 with Your Expert


(You’ll save $374 with this package)!

Yes! This is the one!

The Ultimate Board Exec

So you’ve done it all and you’re ready to add “Board Director” to your resume?

We’ll help you stand out as a polished, professional & highly accomplished candidate.  You’ll receive everything you need to be board-ready:
  • The Senior Exec Resume Makeover
  • Board-focused Cover Letter
  • Linkedin Profile Rewrite for Optimized Online Branding
  • 45 min Strategy Phone Consultation with Your Expert

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You’re 1 in a million so don’t get lost in the crowd. Our eye for SEO, pulling out your unique story and online branding, will make you shine!

Linkedin Rewrite

Thinking about reinventing your professional brand and attracting more of the right contacts? Perhaps you’ve set up your account but aren’t confident it’s optimized (aka working like a champ for you).  You guessed it.  This is a job for us.  Let us brand you online so that you are appearing in the right searches, attracting the best opportunities and maximizing your use of this powerful career platform.  You’ll Receive:
  • Full profile revision with emphasis on SEO-boosting content (so you appear in more searches).
  • Professional brand assessment
  • Profile tailoring to attract the right contacts and opportunities.
  • 20 Minute Phone Consultation with Your Expert to discuss your profile & career goals
  • Free Gift to Kickstart Your New Profile: Your choice of 1 of 3 of The Ultimate Linkedin online courses: Profile Optimization, Network Your Way to Career Success or The Ultimate Rebrand Strategy Guide ($89 value)


Yes! This is the one!

Linkedin & Resume Makeover

Meet the New You

You’re trying to reinvent yourself (aka career changer or Linkedin newbie) but there’s just no clear path from Rocket Scientist to Startup Tycoon.  You’ve come to the light and realized that Linkedin is the first place recruiters and hiring managers visit in search of top talent. You also know that without the right profile keywords or SEO optimization, you won’t appear in your professional industry keyword searches. You don’t want to get lost amongst the hundreds-of-thousands professionals in your industry! Finally, once those recruiters do find your new optimized Linkedin profile, you’ll need to be resume-ready in order to stand out from industry peers. Shazam! We’ve got you covered.
  • Total Resume Makeover
  • Linkedin Rebrand for your full profile including expert analysis and guidance around key parts & content
  • SEO & Keyword Optimization so the “new you” can be found by your target contacts.
  • 30 Minute Rebrand Strategy Session with the Expert
  • Free Gift to Kickstart Your New Profile: Your choice of 1 of 3 of The Ultimate Linkedin online courses: Profile Optimization, Network Your Way to Career Success or The Ultimate Rebrand Strategy Guide ($89 value)

(You’ll save $195 with this bundle)!

Yes! This is the one!

Cover Letter

Were you dozing off while proofreading your cover letter? Let us help you speak the hiring manager’s language and ward off the snoozing.

Cover Letter

You found the perfect job (along with hundreds of other applicants).  This is your chance to stand out, speak the hiring manager’s language and leave them wanting more so why risk fumbling through the messaging?  Try one of our cover letters on for size. You’ll notice an immediate difference when you see our concise, compelling and reader-friendly version of you.    You’ll receive:
  • Full rewrite (or newly written letter) including keywords and unique selling points
  • Enhanced strengths wrapped up with concise, relevant and compelling messaging
  • Best practice cover letter display and content


Yes! This is the one!

Cover Letter + Resume Makeover

It’s kinda like peanut butter & jelly.  One without the other just doesn’t make sense!  Receive a tailored cover letter to compliment your brand spankin’ new resume for heightened job application impact.   This mega-impactful package also includes some expert input and tailoring advice so you can really maximize your resume and cover letter over and over again.  We think the marriage of these two application components with this kind of cost savings is a no-brainer but we’ll let you decide!
  • Resume Makeover (includes 30 Day Interview Guarantee)
  • Cover Letter
  • 30 Minute Phone Consultation with your Expert
  • Advice on How and Where to Make Cover Letter Tweaks for Multiple Job Applications

(Cost Savings of $110)

Yes! This is the one!

Why Our Clients Love Our Resumes


Your brand is 100% tailored to the job description(s) of your choice. If you do not have a target job description or are unsure of your next move, we don’t recommend investing in a resume until you receive clarity coaching. We find that being crystal clear first is the most successful strategy. 


We are equipped to work across all industries because we do our homework on industry keywords, trends, skills & hiring manager hot-buttons specific to YOUR profession. This is the real value in hiring a professional writer vs other “quick turnaround / quick download” resume services. 

ATS Friendly

You’ll be keyword & ATS optimized to breeze past resume-scanning technology! No more ending up in resume black holes. For online profiles we’ll make sure you’re search engine optimized (SEO) so that you’re being found by hiring managers and recruiters. 


We guarantee 100% satisfaction but we don’t stop there. We also guarantee you’ll land an interview in 30 days. If you don’t your refocus revisions are on us! You can learn more about our 30-day policy here. 

Wow! The cover letter was awesome (I want to hire me) and second draft of the resume was great too! Thank you so much again! Your work is amazing!

CharlotteHealthcare Industry

Noelle!!! So good to hear from you and thank you for reaching out. Your ears must be ringing because I was going to email you today.
Linkedin is going well. I cannot thank you enough for creating the account and writing my amazing resume!

DaliaExecutive Assistant

Thanks for everything. As it turned out, my relationships with other CEO's helped me to land a new bigger role in the industry. Of course a new brighter resume helped as well. I'm on to happy trails and glad to be back in the swing!

RobertSenior Executive

Noelle helped me create an outstanding resume and I feel much more confident about sending applications to potential employers!

CaitlynCollege Graduate

Our Process

Get Started Today and Receive Your First Draft in 5 Business Days or Less!


1. Tell Us About You 

After purchasing a writing service, you’ll receive a link to our client intake form. Since we tailor your new brand to your career goals, we want to know what makes you tick, your biggest wins and your unique story so we can work our magic. We can’t start until we know you better so the writing won’t begin until your form is submitted.


2. Meet Your Expert

Once you submit the client intake form, we personally review your profile & handpick the best writer for you. Your writer will review everything and brainstorm your brand strategy. Expect an email from your writer within 48 business hours of intake form receipt to either schedule your phone consultation or to let you know we’ve started writing. Click here to learn more about our experts.


3. The Writing Begins

You can expect your first draft within 5 business days of initial contact. Your writer may contact you during the process to obtain more info (we have a thing about getting it exactly right) so please be sure to check your email and respond asap as the timeline is subject to your responsiveness. This will ensure you receive your final draft as soon as humanly possible.


4. Finished Product

It may take a few rounds of edits to brand you just right but when you’re absolutely happy with everything, you’ll receive the final version of your resume. We’ll deliver an editable word doc, .pdf and .txt format along with instructions for which formats to use in your application strategy. If you’ve purchased a cover letter or Linkedin profile expect 3 additional business days per document.
Resumes Written
Clients Coached
Linkedin Profiles Branded
Cups of Coffee

 Our Guarantee: An Interview in 30 Days

True story.  We guarantee a phone or in-person interview within 30 days of receiving your Resume Makeover or packages containing the Resume Makeover. If you don’t generate employer interest, our team will review your application strategy and provide a free refocus revision to get you moving in the right direction. This only works if you are applying to multiple best-fit jobs so plan to send at least 5 applications within the 30-day period. Since we write our resumes to your job description, we’re pretty confident we’ll be able to hit the mark enough to generate employer interest. Don’t have a job description in mind? We strongly recommend clarity coaching so you can really speak to the hiring manager’s hot buttons. That’s how you know our resume writing team is committed to getting it right. Your skin is in the game. Ours is too. We stand behind every resume we write. Satisfaction & results guaranteed!

What’s it Gonna Be?

Missing the opportunity to make a kick-butt 1st impression is not an option.