Total Clarity - Assessment Coaching Starter Program

Total Clarity Coaching Program


Are you uncertain about your professional value? Not sure where you fit in, in your career? The path to career fulfillment starts with eliminating uncertainty and gaining the confidence to really propel yourself forward. If you know you need a new job but aren’t sure what it is or how to get there, this is the program for you. In this powerful program, you’ll partner with Noelle to determine why you’re experiencing career or job frustration and what needs to be done to move in the direction of career fulfillment (aka figure out the perfect job)! Noelle will help you discover your optimum next move fit. Once you discover your career niche, we won’t stop there. Your coach will support you in the practical application so you can immediately start down your new career path with confidence. In this program, great for career changers, recent grads,  stay-at-home parents and retirees re-entering the workforce you’ll receive three, 1-hour phone coaching sessions and between-session support.

Product Description

You’ll Receive:
  • 3 coaching sessions via phone and virtual assignments with the Career Coach Noelle Gross
  • Noelle will spend time getting to know you, your professional background, your challenges and main drivers.
  • Noelle will collaborate with you to brainstorm all of the potential next moves for someone with your background and interests.
  • Noelle will also help you construct a plan for finding all of the opportunities that are a fit for you in your target geographic market. You’ll receive a custom-roadmap to help you embark on your job search and a major confidence boost after going through this process with an expert set of eyes.
  • After you’ve found all of your target opportunities, your coach will work with you to craft a long and short-term marketing plan including a new elevator pitch, best target companies and networking contacts and the support you need to start actively engaging your network to create your new future!
  • In between session email access to your coach for additional support


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