The Perfect Fit Application Tailoring NG Career Strategy

The Perfect Fit x3


You’ve had your Resume Makeover and are now ready to advance to your next career move. You know your application needs to be tailored but you also want to apply for multiple jobs. We’ll advise you on your best chances of landing an interview for those 3 job descriptions you’ve been eyeballing up. We’ll also pinpoint those hidden job spec nuances and adjust your brand to speak to the hiring manager’s hot buttons throughout your resume and cover letter. Talk about tripling your chances of landing your next job!

* This service is only available to individuals who have completed a full resume overhaul with the NGCS team. If you have had your resume professionally written by another expert, please contact us before purchasing to see if you qualify for this service.

Product Description

Expect a turnaround time of 3 business days per resume/cover letter set. You’ll Receive:
  • 3 resumes tailored to 3 corresponding job descriptions
  • 3 cover letters tailored to 3 corresponding resumes
  • 3 Fit-Finder e-consults (as needed for those confusing job descriptions you might encounter)


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