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Annual Resume Update


A lot has happened since your Resume Makeover and you want to be ready to throw your hat in the ring for your next promotion. You’re ready to keep advancing and you know your resume needs to say as much! If you’re on the fast track and time is of the essence, this is the service for you. Your certified resume writing expert will craft the best-fit brand in the most important resume parts: the headline, summary, keywords and career accomplishments showcase.

* This service is only available to individuals who have completed a full resume overhaul with the NGCS team. If you have had your resume professionally written by another expert, please contact us before purchasing to see if you qualify for this service. 

Product Description

You’ll Receive:
  • Strategic addition of your most recent experience to your resume
  • Top resume keyword, headline and summary tweaks tailored to 1 target job description
  • Peace of mind knowing you are ready to ask for the big promotion or shop your resume around to recruiters!


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