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Fit Finder Strategy Consultation


Should you apply or shouldn’t you? Are you under-qualified? Over-qualified? Sometimes it’s easier to translate Greek than a job description. That’s where our Fit Finder Strategy session comes in handy. Our experts, backed by years of hiring and recruiting experience will review your resume against your job description to cut through the fluff and tell you whether or not you’re a fit. Specifically, your expert will analyze your target against your current experience to identify branding opportunities on your resume, cover letter and Linkedin profile messaging. With your newly gained fit insights and suggestions on where to revise or refocus your search,  you’ll become a smarter candidate with an improved search strategy. You’ll also waste less time applying!

Product Description

You’ll Receive:
  • 30-minute interactive strategy session with our branding expert
  • Job description analysis to uncover the hiring manager mentality and hot buttons
  • Resume review and analysis to uncover branding opportunities
  • Expert suggestions on new target titles and career levels for improved fit in future applications


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