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Cover Letter and Resume Refresh


You may not need a full-on makeover but you sure as shootin’ know a refresh is in order for your resume.  You also know that the cover letter  writing process will be a whole lot of staring at a blank screen and head scratching.  Let us get you all set and ready to rumble (as well as spare you those hours staring at a blank screen).  Receive a tailored cover letter to compliment your brushed up resume so all you have to do is hit “send.”   Oh, and you’ll even save a little moola in the meantime!

Save $67 with this package.

Product Description

  • Resume Refresh
  • High Impact, Tailored Cover Letter
  • 20 mins email support

Additional Information


The purchase of this package includes our 30 Day guarantee. If you don’t land a phone or in-person interview in 30 days, we’ll revise your resume. Must apply to 10 jobs.

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