Hello & Welcome! 

I’m Noelle Gross and I created this website just for you.

My goal is to make the job search easier and the job seeker happier by providing the tools and insights needed to produce job search success. My belief is that life is too short to be unhappy in a job you don’t love and the time for change in your life, is NOW.  In other words:

I’m here to help you land a job. 

So, who am I and why am I here doing what I do?

I am part connector, part headhunter, part motivational speaker and part branding champion all with a passion for helping people experience happiness (mainly job seekers but I thrive when I’m bringing happiness to all)!

Why am I here doing what I do? My story can be summed up by a defining moment in my life…

In 2010, I graduated from business school. Like most optimistic professionals looking to make a change in their career, I had left my job to go back to school. It was the period immediately following graduation from B-school that I found myself in a very unpleasant place: unemployed.

What should have been a joyous time of celebration and accomplishment in my life turned out to be a very dark period known as the job search.

Even though I was a smart, capable and motivated young professional, I became quite discouraged upon entering the job search.  (Maybe you can relate)? I received few responses to my applications and when I did they were filled with rejection. I was never quite sure why I was being rejected but above all, I felt completely frustrated.

Why was the job search so painful???

Finally, six months later, I landed an opportunity working as an Executive Recruiter. Although it wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned myself doing post-MBA, this job ended up changing my life.

As a recruiter, I lived in Linkedin, connected with the best talent in the market and reviewed thousands of profiles and resumes. It was through this role that I learned about the world of finding and hiring top talent. I learned what companies looked for and how they hired.

I also learned about how little job seekers seemed to know about landing a job. It was troubling for me because the job seeker mistakes seemed so obvious from the recruiter perspective. Yet they were the same mistakes I had made in my initial job search.

I started helping friends with their resumes and search strategies and as a result:

The interviews, profile views and interest started rolling in.

I realized how effortless landing a job could be when approached in the right way.

When it came time to land my next job, I was able to use my headhunter experience and resume expertise to land the first job for which I applied, greatly reducing the amount of time spent in the job search. I worked in the career management industry for several years helping senior executive job seekers navigate the world of executive recruiting and was amazed to find that even this very experienced senior audience was pretty confused when it came to the job search.

It was then that I decided to bring my expertise to the job seeker market in a BIG way. I have since made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to helping job seekers land jobs and find happiness using a smarter, more efficient approach.

I’ve made “all things job search” my life and helping people like you is my passion. I love sharing my insights, expertise, favorite resources, and of course, freebies, with my community! I’ve also devoted much of my time to thinking up and creating the best-in-class job search templates, guides, and online courses to get my message of hope out to as many job seekers as possible!

So make sure you don’t miss out!

Since then, I’ve worked with select clients, spoken in front of groups at all career levels, and have created a simple 3-step system – a series of important steps every job seeker needs to apply in order to land more job interviews in record time.

I want you to experience these same results just like I did when I discovered the winning approach that took my clients from feeling frustrated and discouraged to happy and employed.

I invite you to stay a while, have a look around and use my space to support your job search and career success. I look forward to our journey together and to seeing you in a happier place.

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