Life After AmeriCorps

The service member's guide to mastering the job search.

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We love teaching service members how to ace the job search because we want these individuals to be able to continue making the world a better place (and get paid for it)!






Our Formula for Success


If there’s one thing we love, it’s helping AmeriCorps members (talk about people with passion)!  We understand grant and budget constraints and are committed to doing whatever it takes to work with every AmeriCorps member or program in need.  Our passion is connecting in person (Noelle’s energy and engaging presentations will leave your members singing your praise) or try our online course for individuals or groups in need of a more virtual, low-cost way to learn.


The job search is overwhelming and we totally get it.  All trainings are designed to cut through the confusion and simplify this icky part of every service professional’s career.  Best-in-industry resources, tools and easy-to-follow exercises are a part of every program including templates for the resume, cover letter, elevator pitch and more!


All content is tailored to individuals who have participated in national service programs including relevant workbook examples to help AmeriCorps members bridge the gap between their service-acquired skills and future career goals. Every training has been developed specifically for your members based on Noelle Gross’s years spent delivering AmeriCorps training nationwide.


Your members will receive the full portfolio of lifetime career skills (interviewing, networking, resume/cover letter writing, and professional branding to name a few). After your members are finished with Noelle’s training, they’ll be invited to join Noelle’s 24/7 member-only community & receive support for life.  Community perks include ongoing Q&A with the expert, a healthy dose of encouragement & AC alumni support.

“I’m confident my members will enter the job market more prepared and get the job of their dreams thanks to this training.”

-Tony K., AmeriCorps Program Manager, Tampa




In-Person Training

For Program Managers Hoping to Inspire, Engage & Set Members Up for Lifelong Success

Beware of laughter, eye-openers and “Aha moments” 

Virtual Training

For Individuals, Programs on a Tight Budget or as an End-of-Program Gift

Life After AmeriCorps - NG Career Strategy

Here’s What You’ll Receive 

Comprehensive Workbook

Corresponds to the video modules and includes easy to follow exercises, best-in-industry templates and clarity around some of the most common job search dilemmas.

5 Hours of Video Content

Videos cover everything your members need to know about the job search.  Scroll down to see what’s included in each video module.

Exclusive Lifetime Access

Receive lifetime access to Noelle’s member-only online career community – a great forum for Q&A and receiving encouragement and  support long after the training is over.

More About Noelle’s Video Modules


This module will have your members learning the ins and outs of the job search from the vantage point of a former hiring manager and executive recruiter.  This is the real deal inside scoop on an incredibly valuable lifelong skill.   Your group will learn:

  • How to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the time spent in the job search
  • How to understand the hiring manager’s needs vs the job seeker’s needs
  • How to set targets and speak to these targets throughout the job search
  • Effective strategies for figuring out what to do next (especially for the unsure job seeker)
  • How to create unique positioning and a stand-out professional brand
  • How to create an elevator pitch using a simple formula & communicate fit in networking conversations
  • How to understand the top transferrable skills as well as the importance of transferrable skills in translating national service experience to new industries and opportunities
  • The importance of keywords for attracting hiring managers, across resume, cover letter and online profiles
  • How to understand how to decode job descriptions and get to the heart of what the hiring manager is asking for in an ideal candidate
  • How to understand the importance of reputation management across social media (as it pertains to the job search)
  • The basics of the online AND offline job search including networking and the informational interview
  • What to expect in the interview and how to prepare including the STAR technique and behavioral interviewing strategy
  • The basics of negotiation and what to expect day 1 on the job


Working session around creating a high-impact resume and understanding resume best practices with the goal of completing the resume.  Learning objectives include:

  • Understand the purpose of the resume as well as best practices surrounding this critical job search document
  • The components of an effective resume and hiring perspective for each
  • How to communicate relevant fit using strategic bullets, strong action verbs & quantifiable results
  • Understand the importance of formatting as well as best practices
  • How to avoid some of the most common resume mistakes

1 hr video + supporting workbook


Working session around creating an effective Linkedin® profile and completing this critical part of the career portfolio.

  • Understand the most critical parts of a Linkedin® profile to ensure optimization
  • Learn how to incorporate keyword strategy to boost SEO and one’s chances of being found by the right people online
  • Learn the basics of networking and etiquette on Linkedin®
  • Learn how to find the right people using headhunter search techniques and tricks

1 hour video + supporting workbook


Working session around writing an effective Cover Letter and completing this critical part of the career portfolio.

  • Understand how to break down and simplify the cover letter writing process
  • Explore effective strategies for communicating the right message in this introductory letter
  • Understand mistakes to be avoided

30 minute video + supporting workbook

What Attendees Are Saying

Noelle knew what our situation was and what we needed and gave us just that!

Katherine, AmeriCorps Member, Tampa

Having worked with Noelle, I realize how impactful it is to be a part of AmeriCorps and the skills that I have acquired while being a volunteer. Having her expertise in professional development turned my idea of skills into a more clear and concise and professional direction. She is an invaluable resource!

Clare, AmeriCorps, Jacksonville

The material that I learned from Noelle’s training has allowed me to view myself and experiences more professionally, which has allowed me to enhance my resume and interviewing skills.

Lia, AmeriCorps, Jacksonville

Before Noelle’s training I was struggling to land interviews. Noelle showed us detailed ways to increase our chances of landing a job.

Jay, AmeriCorps, Albany, NY

I would totally recommend this training to anyone. It is very informative and Noelle is very well educated on all of the material.

Kaitlyn, AmeriCorps, Jacksonville

Noelle was awesome! She was a delight to work with as far as coordinating the event. She was patient and understanding when navigating the complexities of working with an AmeriCorps grant! Noelle provided an exemplary presentation as to the complexities of the workforce and how our members could navigate that system with ease. I would recommend her to anyone!

Kelly, AmeriCorps Program Director, Jacksonville, FL

Her resume template and LinkedIn tips were really useful.

Juan | AmeriCorps Member | Jacksonville, FL

Noelle, Wow! Your presentation was incredible! I feel so much more prepared and less anxious about my job search. You helped me create an outstanding resume I can feel confident in sending to potential employers. Thank you for helping me!

Caitlyn | AmeriCorps Member | Florida